Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Martin Luther King Conspiracy Theories

Martin Luther King Conspiracy Theories ---


  • House Select Committee on Assassinations: After investigating Lane’s claims, the Committee chastised him: Many of the allegations of conspiracy the committee investigated were first raised by Mark Lane, the attorney who represented James Earl Ray at the committee’s public hearings. As has been noted, the facts were often at variance with Lane’s assertions. . . . In many instances, the committee found that Lane was willing to advocate conspiracy theories publicly without having checked the factual basis for them. In other instances, Lane proclaimed conspiracy based on little more than inference and innuendo. Lane’s conduct resulted in public misperception about the assassination of Dr. King and must be condemned. (House Select Committee Report, Page 424, footnote 16)
  • McAdams Mark Lane has been a purveyor or Martin Luther King conspiracy theories in addition to JFK theories. He represented King’s killer, James Earl Ray, before the
  • The Klan (google books)  By Patsy Sims