Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Attacks on Black Colleges and Churches

Attacks on Black Colleges and Churches ---

In the 2010s, there have been numerous mysterious attacks and accidents on people and pastors, musicians and athletes associated with black colleges and churches.

July 25, 1971: PANDORA plan to bomb Negro colleges, blame JDL The Legend of Pine Ridge: The Soviet KGB's Propaganda ... Jul 1, 2008 KGB archivist named Vasili Mitrokhin defected to the British with documentation he had secretly copied from the KGB foreign intelligence archives. The Mitrokhin archive revealed that the Soviet KGB had used "active measures" to incite racial tensions in America in order discredit our justice system at home and abroad. One of Mitrokhin's books, The Sword and Shield, co-authored with the former head of the Cambridge History Department Dr. Christopher Andrew, reveals: On at least one occasion, the Centre ordered the use of explosives to exacerbate racial tensions in New York. On July 25, 1971 the head of the FCD First (North American) Department, Anatoli Tikhonovich Kireyev, instructed the New York residency to proceed with operation PANDORA: the planting of a delayed-action explosive package in "the Negro section of New York." Kireyev's preferred target was "one of the Negro colleges." After the explosion the residency was ordered to make anonymous telephone calls to two or three black organizations, claiming that the explosion was the work of the Jewish Defense League. (88)

1968: The KGB's plan to eliminate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ourweekly.com Jan 9, 2014 - At exactly 6:01 p.m., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated at the ... of Tennessee in Moscow, eight months prior to King's assassination. The Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB), a Russian intelligence agency and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) implemented “Active Measures.” The goal of both agencies existence was to defeat or sabotage their nemesis politically, limit that country’s influence, as well as curtail it’s power in controlling world events and global resources. On more than one occasion, Africans and African American, were pawns in Cold War strategy. The active measures utilized ranged “from media manipulations to special actions involving various degrees of violence.” They were used both abroad and domestically.These actions included counterfeiting official documents, disinformation, propaganda, political repression, and assassinations. At exactly 6:01 p.m., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tenn., and according to files smuggled out of the Soviet Union in 1992 by defector Vistol Mitrokin (1922-2004), a plan to replace MLK as the leader of the American Negro (Soviet title) was implemented some 5,439 miles east of Tennessee in Moscow, eight months prior to King’s assassination. This plan to smear, discredit, or assassinate MLK by KGB agents already working secretly in the U.S. was approved by KGB Chairman Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov. Mark Lane, associated with KGB disinformation about the JFK assassination also appears to be an actor is covering up who really murdered MLK by blaming the US government when he wrote Murder In Memphis with Dick Gregory. Lane represented James Earl Ray, King's alleged assassin, before the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) inquiry in 1978. The HSCA said of Lane in its report, "Many of the allegations of conspiracy that the committee investigated were first raised by Mark Lane ... [A]s has been noted, the facts were often at variance with Lane's assertions ... Lane was willing to advocate conspiracy theories publicly without having checked the factual basis for them ... Lane's conduct resulted in public misperception about the assassination of Dr. King and must be condemned."

1968: Active measures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A few claims of active measures against the United States were described in the Mitrokhin Archive, including attempts to discredit Martin Luther King, Jr. by placing publications portraying him as an "Uncle Tom" who was secretly receiving government subsidies. “In August 1967, the KGB began its operational plan to discredit King and his chief lieutenants by placing articles in the African press, which they thought would then be reprinted in American newspapers portraying King as an “Uncle Tom” who was secretly receiving government subsidies to tame the civil rights movement and prevent it from threatening the Johnson administration... The KGB seemed to have hoped that as violence intensified, King would be swept aside by black radicals such as Stokely Carmichael, who told a meeting of Third World revolutionaries in Cuba in the summer of 1967, “We have a common enemy. Our struggle is to overthrow this system. We are moving into open guerilla warfare in the United States.” Traveling on to North Vietnam, Carmichael declared in Hanoi, “We are not reformists …We are revolutionaries. We want to change the American system.” Having given up hope of influencing MLK who was more focused on civil rights as opposed to getting rid of imperialism, the KGB decided to replace him with a “more radical and malleable leader. In August 1967, the KGB approved an operational plan by KGB controller Modin. According to the plan, the KGB would organize several fronts to attack MLK’s credibility using resources the KGB had established in the U.S. via it’s Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) operatives.