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Marysville Pilchuck Shooting Hoax Conspiracy Theories

Marysville Pilchuck Shooting Hoax Conspiracy Theories ---
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October 24, 2014  Marysville Pilchuck Shooting Hoax Conspiracy Theories From the usual anti-zionist sources such as nodisinfo, therebel and youtube, posts claim that the mass shooting is either a hoax, or a false flag attempt to promote fear and gun control.

Crazy people or part of a active measures disinformation campaign that can be found as part of every terrorist attack to deflect attention from who was really behind the attack? The boy was a "lone gunman" but they rarely really work alone.



Marysville Pilchuck Shooting Hoax Conspiracy Theories ---

 nodisdinfo (calls every Islamic terrorist attack and mental case mass shooting a zionist islamphobic hoax): Marysville, Washington School Shooting is an Arch-Zionist Gun Control Hoax In desperation arch-Zionist moles have orchestrated yet another school shooting hoax, this time in Marysville, Washington.  It truly is a desperate effort, both this hoax shooting and the one before it. Make no mistake about it it is terminally rabid Zionist Jews who are responsible for this hoax, particularly the gun confiscating clique of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg:

Kip Kinkel Shooting School Shooting was Hideous arch-Zionist Hoax Make no mistake about it the purported school and parent shooting [...]

Here we go "active Shooter" Marysville wa High School - Page 12 ...
1 day ago - 30 posts - ‎7 authors
Discussion about HERE WE GO "ACTIVE SHOOTERMARYSVILLE WA ... The news guy on KOMO just said "The fake kids getting off the bus" ... they fought so hard againstthe rebel yell of those wishing to bring all this violent  ..Re: HERE WE GO "ACTIVE SHOOTER" MARYSVILLE WA HIGH SCHOOL
From all the links provided it seems a girl was a motivating factor.

Whether he was in a pit of depression or in a fit of rage, he targeted his brother for stealing his girl it seems. Might have targeted her as well, and friends.

Already talking up his fascination with guns on the local news streams, by the way

This is found in Google Cache about a drill taking place in the same school district dated yesterday. However, this drill information has since been removed entirely from the website. When the news somehow was calling students in the school they said "We've done a lock down drill months ago, that's about it".

[link to]

  1. The Rebel Website - Snohomish Shooting Spree is a ...
    Oct 17, 2014 - Snohomish Shooting Spree is a Staged Zionist Gun Control Hoax ...Marysville, where police intercepted him and shot him during a gun battle.

youtube, reddit The Marysville Pilchuck High School Shooting Hoax?  Mandama004

This woman is a ron paul fan (ron paul always sides with America's enemies when it comes to national security) has also been busy spreading disinfomation on other "hoax" attacks that looks like terrorist attacks staged to look like "mental illness violence" where real people got killed, but bad guys have been trying to spread rumours they didn't even happen:

  1. navy yard shooting
  2. santa monica shooting
  3. reynolds shooting hoax
  4. KONY 2012 hoax

Published on Oct 24, 2014
These are my thoughts on the shooting that happened today in Marysville, Washington. Also, my videos are always WAY too quiet so I think I over-compensated the volume a little bit :-P


All of my notes in one document;

Photobucket Album;

MPHS Police Scanner Audio;

Jaylen's Twitter;

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Different News Sources;

Gia Soriano;

Zoe Galasso;

Andrew Fryberg;

November 4th Washington Ballot;

Sacramento Shooting;

NYC Hatchet Attack;


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WillBilly4259 hours ago

This wasn't a hoax.  A heart broken young man snapped and made a terrible mistake.  I'm friends with many members of the Fryberg family and of course they are having a rough time with this.  He wasn't the typical 'school shooter'.  He wasn't the loner who was depressed and friendless.  He was the homecoming prince...

So sad...
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WillBilly4258 hours ago

I am from WA.  I graduated from MPHS in 1998.  The Fryberg family is a big, big family, so there are plenty of people to speak up.

Why should you believe any of this?  I don't know.  I have nothing to gain by you believing me and nothing to lose by you not believing me.  I'm just trying to help get the truth out when there is so much "Oh this is a hoax/drill and this never happened."

There are plenty of instances of false flags that play to hidden agendas, but this one isn't.  I'm not saying that the powers that be wont use this to their advantage, but they surely didn't plan it.
Read more
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Chez Lopez8 hours ago

the facts speak for themselves, and the fact is that I don kno who you are. Swat drills don happen the day before shootings for nothing. cheers!
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Scott Miller5 hours ago

BOGUS! With the vote just days away in WA state on this new anti-gun bill there's no way you will convince me this anything but a false-flag hoax!
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Nick W2 hours ago

Tell that to my sister who witnessed it all, you fucking piece of dumbass shit
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CP913119 hours ago

Un-Subbed! Lies!!!!!!
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Mandama0049 hours ago

Everything I said is either verifiable or stated as speculation.

Then again, I won't really miss you if this is the kind of attitude you have. 
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Christina Beauchamp7 hours ago (edited)

More children murdered by a ruthless hateful government. If you think that this is going to stop, you've got another thing coming. They are using and murdering our children to destroy your right as a citizen to own a gun! DO NOT LET THESE GOVERNMENT ASSES TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS!
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