Friday, August 11, 2017

Chloe Ayling Kidnapping

Chloe Ayling Kidnapping --- ===

British model Abducted July 11 by two men, put up for sale on the dark web to play for cancer treatment.  Chloe Ayling is a British anti-human trafficking activist and an ex-model. She was born in England. In 2016 her name was raised widely when she featured in Stip Football videos by famous Youtuber JMX.She ...Wikipedia  Born: June 14, 1997 (age 20), United Kingdom

Italian residents ask why Chloe Ayling didn't ask for help

Daily Mail · 14 hours ago

Chloe Ayling: Who is the British model who was drugged and kidnapped in Italy?

The Telegraph · 22 hours ago

Black death kidnap model Chloe Ayling 'has not seen her baby son since the ordeal'

The Sun · 21 mins agoMore for chloe ayling

Chloe Ayling: Images 'show Black Death dark web advert' to sell ... - Images have emerged reportedly showing the dark web advert used to try to sell British model Chloe Ayling. The 20-year-old claims she was held captive for almost a week after being lured to Milan, Italy, for what she was told was a photo shoot. ... Mr Herba has claimed he only became ...

Italian residents ask why Chloe Ayling didn't ask for help | Daily Mail ... hours ago - Residents of the Italian Alpine village where British model Chloe Ayling was 'held hostage' question her story. ... Villagers in the Italian Alpines where Chloe Ayling was held hostage have questioned why the model didn't ask for help. ... Why didn’t she ask for help, I don’t ...

Chloe Ayling 'has not seen her baby son since Black Death kidnap ... mins ago - THE DAD of British model Chloe Ayling's baby has claimed she has not seen the tot since her harrowing kidnap ordeal. Conor Keyes, 21, said ...

Pictures emerge of 'Chloe Ayling during her kidnapping ordeal' | Metro ...  Pictures claimed to show Chloe Ayling with a dark web advert on her chest during her alleged kidnapping have emerged.

Chloe Ayling: Who is the British model who was drugged and ... - Chloe Ayling, 20, is the glamour model who was drugged and abducted in Italy after reportedly being duped into attending a bogus photoshoot.

Horror picture shows kidnapped model Chloe Ayling 'drugged and ... › News › World news › Crime2 days ago - Shocking photos have emerged showing a young woman believed to be glamour modelChloe Ayling looking dazed on the floor after she was ...

Abducted glamour model Chloe Ayling's chilling FULL STATEMENT to ... › News › World news › Crime2 days ago - In it 20-year-old Chloe Ayling reveals in chilling detail how she feared for her life - and was only freed when her captors realised she had a ...

Media tipped off about British model's alleged kidnapping | UK news ... › World › UK News › Italy
 Email detailing abduction was sent to Mirror, Sun and a Dispatches journalist two days afterChloe Ayling was kidnapped.

Milan kidnap case: Chloe Ayling 'held to pay for cancer treatment ...  The alleged captor of British model Chloe Ayling held her because he needed to raise money for cancer treatment, Italian police documents have revealed.