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Daily Misfortune Saturday February 11, 2017

Daily Misfortune Saturday, February 11, 2017 --- ===
Monthly Misfortune February 2017 ---

List of incidents of terror which could be accidents, crimes, or terrorist attacks.


  1. 2/11/2017 crime: shooting injured: 1 11-year-old girl shot in the head sitting in car on South Side  Chicago WLS-TV 11-year-old girl was shot in the head Saturday while sitting in a vehicle on the South Side. 
  2. War in Afghanistan (2015–present) A suicide bomber kills at least seven people outside a bank in Lashkargah. (Reuters)
  3. terror: mass shooting update 2017 Istanbul nightclub shooting Abdulkadir Masharipov is charged with murder in relation to the shootings in Istanbul that killed 39 people and is remanded in custody. Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has claimed responsibility for the shootings. (ABC)
  4. terror: protest killed: 5 Violence erupts at a protest rally in Baghdad, Iraq, killing at least four protesters and one police officer. Thousands of supporters of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr gathered in the capital to demand an overhaul of the country's electoral system. (Al Jazeera)
  5. terror: Executions killed:5 Sinai, Egypt The Islamic State in Egypt executed five men it accused of working for the army.[42] Islamic State – Sinai Province Sinai insurgency
  6. terror: Ambush killed: 7  injured: 19 Borno, Nigeria 7 soldiers were killed and 19 injured in Boko Haram ambush in Borno State.[43] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
  7. terror: Arson killed: 1 injured: Dozens Borno, Nigeria Boko Haram invaded a village in Borno State and set ablaze dozens of residential houses and a man suspected to were trapped in the attack.[44] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
  8. terror: Suicide bombing killed: 7 injured: 20  Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan Four civilians and three soldiers were killed and dozens more wounded in a suicide bombing in Lashkar Gah.[45] Taliban War in Afghanistan
  9. terror: Suicide bombing killed: 12 njured: 20 Helmand, Afghanistan Seven civilians and five soldiers were killed and dozens more wounded in a suicide bombing outside a bank in Helmand province.[46] Taliban or Islamic State – Khorasan Province (suspected) War in Afghanistan
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