Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ideological DNA fingerprint of "innocence of Muslims/ Bin Laden" Point To Terrorist State

Note - this is an early draft, but this speak for the dozens of people who suspected early on that the "attack of the anti-muslim youtube video" was manufactured by terrorist who tricked americans into helping them make a film which could then be used to target American, Israel, Copts, and ultimate the american ambassador of Libya.

Youtube routinely takes down videos which make islamists look bad such as memri translations, as well as nazi and pro-al queda and anwar al-awlaki videos, porn and racism, but if there is any possibility that a terrorist state or organization was responsible for the video, it should be taken down by youtube which can cause enormous harm because of its scale.

The Innocence / Attack of the Anti-Islamic Movie

Four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed by what appears to be the first successful Sept 11 attack since 9 Arabs hijacked four airliners under the banner of militant Islamism in 2001. It took the Obama administration a week to acknowledge that just maybe it was a terrorist attack. That shouldn’t be too surprising since they still officially classify the 2009 Fort Hood shootings, the worst terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11 as a “workplace violence” incident. Obama never acknowledged any  direct relationship to the religion or politics of the shooter who had asked no less than Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, later killed by drones for terrorism and spiritual advisor to the Pentagon hijackers for religious guidance on shooting US soldiers.

But this time, it seems as if terrorists hijacked a seemingly innocent Youtube video instead of airliners as the battering ram of choice. The film was widely reported to insult and depict the “Islamic Prophet Muhammad as a womanizing fraud”. The press widely reported that it was outrage over the film that was the rallying cry of protesters who scaled the walls of the American embassy in Egypt and scrawled graffiti honoring Osama bin Laden, and flying an Islamist flag typically flown by Al Queda. No evidenced of any connection to terrorism there. 3 protesters were killed in the Iranian client state of Sudan near the U.S. embassy, and another in Lebanon. Another 3 were killed at the embassy in Tunis, spark of the Arab spring so celebrated by Obama where protesters shouted “Obama! Obama! We are all Osama!” Obviously, Obama’s commitment to a more cordial relationship with the muslim world is going to take a second term to show a positive effect.  Even the Taliban took part in the protests, trashing 8 of 10 Harrier jets which had been moved to a giant helicopter base over the summer. Not even the Viet Cong in Vietnam had succeeded in destroying so many planes or breaking in to base.

But as the American right wing circled their wagons around free speech and argued that the violence had nothing to do with the video, I noticed a few things amiss, and wondered if Al Queda or somebody else had actually commissioned the video as a tool to attack the United States, Israel, Egyptian Copts and the counter-jihad movment all in one. This Sam Becile filmmaker seems to be the one bad character that has a history of committing crimes and serial lying, infiltrating Copt groups in the United States and tricking them into producing movie which was first promoted as if it were an Al Queda terrorist recruiting movie, and then promoted as a movie which goes out of its way to insult The Prophet.

What has only been reported in blogs is that the original title of the movie was “The Innocence of Bin Laden”, which implies sympathy for the hero of Al Queda terrorists.  people in Hollywood spotted a promotional poster in Arabic advertising its theatrical showing in Arabic, and a couple of people took pictures. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) noticed advertisements in the paper and they wondered if “it was  some kind of pro-jihadist movie  Hollywood blogger, John Walsh was also alarmed by the title of the film, saying "There is an alarming event occurring in Hollywood .. We have no idea what this group is." The blog site reported that the June 30 screening had been canceled.

Oddly for a movie widely quoted as being anti-muslim, the poster did not denigrate Muslims, but rather referred to "my Muslim brother". In a translation provided by the ADL, the poster stated it would reveal "the real terrorist who caused the killing of our children In Palestine, and our brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan." Steven Klein’s excuse for the title was that their plan was to attract terrorists to see the movie and then enrage them.

Photo by Current TV producer  "By the name of Allah almighty, and for the occasion of Ramadan, the holy month, may it always bring bless...etc... We announce the big movie: Innocence of Ben Laden. For the same time in international cinema, see, my Muslim brethren, the real terrorist holding the evidence of his guilt, that terrorist which caused the deaths of our children in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq."

However, that does not fully explain the coded language. The language appears to not only revere Islam, but the radical variety espoused by Osama Bin Laden. Who is this true terrorist that kills Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan?  The answer is obscure to most Americans but easy for those familiar with pro-Palestine pro-Arab propaganda – the USA. Residents of Ramallah in the West Bank consider Bin Laden to not only be innocent, but a hero. Colin Nickerson of the Boston Globe on the first anniversary of 9/11 in 2002 got this quote from a resident said Ahmed Rezak Shamasneh whose house was destroyed by Israeli tanks: ''America is the true terrorist ''It is the ally of Israel, which is killing our people [in Palestine]. It is the country that drops bombs on poor Afghans.''

If you google search “bin laden innocent”, the first article that shows up is “Osama bin Laden: Closing the Case on an Innocent Man” which condemns the killing of Bin Laden and argues that the alleged terrorist was innocent. That’s an ususual position for an American named named Gordon Duff who claims to be an Marine who is editor of a website for veterans called Veterans Today.  He claims: that “He knew nothing of Al Qaeda, never planned 9/11, never advocated terrorism, not once”. The REAL terrorist? “Bin Laden condemns terrorism and says that the US government, Israel and the press are using terrorism against the American people in order to frighten them into going to war, the endless war going on today”. Who kills muslims in Afghanistan? “bin Laden refers to the invasion of Afghanistan as a Jewish crusade… Mossad operations…have been responsible for training and supplying the Taliban inside Pakistan” Who killed muslims in Iraq? “the attack on Iraq is now known to have been planned as part of the Project for a New American by Israeli citizens inside the United StatesPalestine? In the letter by Usama Bin Ladin “to the Pakistani people, ““All that is going on in Palestine for the last 11 months is sufficient to call the wrath of God upon the United States and Israel.”

What is Veterans Today? The Anti-defamation League (ADL) notes VT continues the tradition of the neo-Nazi American Free Press (AFP)  conspiracy-oriented newspaper in promoting anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theories. VT is just one of a vast network of anti-Israel, pro-Iran conspiracists who “blame Israel for numerous nefarious deeds and false flag operations”. ADL notes that Gordon Duff is the senior editor of the “the anti-Semitic Web site Veterans Today”, claiming “Israelis and Jewish members of the Bush Administration carried out the 9/11 attacks as a false flag operation to provoke a war against Israel's enemies.”  These articles are “picked up by the conspiracy press, the extreme right press, and elsewhere, including Islamic media sources in the United States an in arab countries and Pakistan, connecting 9/11 attacks to claims regarding Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians, making the 9/11 theories part and parcel of an overall anti-Israel agenda.”  Duff claims that every attack blamed on arabs or Al Queda was  actually a “false flag” attack from 9-11 to the USS Cole bombing. Canadian author Michael Ross described VT as a "dubious Holocaust-denying journa

Accoring to Duff’s biography on Veterans Today, Gordon Duff  is the “military affairs analyst for Press TV, is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest” , which means he actually works for an official Iranian government agency and acts as one of the US-based spokesmen. Not surprisingly, everything he says matches the official position of the Iranian government.

While few have directly accused Gordon Duff of being an agent of Iran, Mike Fegelman executive director of pro-Israel HonestReporting Canada called Iran’s Press TV “Iran’s Hateful Mouthpiece in Canada” which , featuring reports which “disseminate radical propaganda and spew anti-Semitic tropes.” He noted Calgary based Josh Blakeney, like the Iranian government, promoted promoted 9/11 conspiracy theories blaming Israel’s Mossad, and writes for Veterans Today. Fegelman called the PressTVB reporter a shill for the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program who mourned for Iranian nuclear scientists.  

In the 1950s, black poet Frank Marshall Davis was recognized as being an agent for Stalinist Russia as a member of the Communist Party of the USA by the FBI and congressional committees from this anti-American newspaper articles. But today, America doesn’t have anyone in the government investigating if America’s new enemies such as Iran still main newspapers and websites which are radical Islamist fronts instead of communist fronts.
It is certainly possible, indeed consider the small number of people and organizations who boldly proclaim  the “innocence of Bin Laden” that the same people who write his materials also wrote that propaganda poster. It is like an ideological  fingerprint or DNA. Nobody else so boldy proclaims the innocence of bin laden than amadinijad of Iran, nor proclaims so much outrage over deaths of muslims in Palestine, iraq and Afghanistan.  From Veterans Today, you can easily trace the massive network supported by Iran – Alex Jones, Rense, Willis Carto / American free press and Ron Paul supporters.

Duff and a network of other writers on Veterans Today immediately began a massive disinformation campaign of conspiracy theories blaming the CIA, Mossad, Copts, “extremist Christians”, Israel and the US. Alexander Higgins and commenter trolls blame Saudi Arabia, which Iran and ex-CIA analyst Michael Sheurer considers its Sunni arch-rival to its Shia brand of Islam. So far no one on the internet even suspects Iran could have anything to do with this even though we know Iran tried to kill the Saudi ambassador. Max Blumenthal was the first to tie the film to geller and Spencer, he’s definitely working for Iran as well.

So even if we don’t have direct evidence, we need to speculate and investigate if the speculation could be true – that Iran recruited an agent to infiltrate the Copts and counter-jihad circles such as Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, and give him a modest budget to get Americans and Copts to help him create a deceptive film which could later be modified into an grotesquely anti-Muslim video insulting the Prophet. This film would then be blamed on, and target Israel, Coptic Christians, and the United States, leverage youtube to give a seemingly silly video the impact of multiple airliner crashes and inflame a global jihad against American embassies including assassinating the US ambassador to the government hated and opposed primarily by Iran. They knew that the western press would dutifully report “outrage over the anti-muslim video insulting the prophet”, without anyone suspecting or even speculating about a “false flag” attack except for numerous spurious “false flag conspiracy theories blaming everyone except the obvious prime candidate for a terrorist state that had the means and motive .  This was the same pattern that alleged “radical Christian counter-jihadist” Anders Breivik, who did everything that one normally associates with an Al Queda attack, except that he claimed to be doing it for Christian counter-jihadist who all denounced him, and again, no one in the media or even the right wing blogosphere even suspected that Breivik might have been created precisely in the manner that pro-jihad conspiracy theorists always propose that every Al Queda attack was a Jewish attack to blame muslim terrorists.