Thursday, October 6, 2016

Killer Rocks Bottles and Projectiles

Killer Rocks Bottles and Projectiles --- ===
see Throwing Rocks and Bombs at Vehicles ---

October 4, 2016 UC Davis Academic Sharon Gray Killed by Protesters in Ethiopia An American has been killed during a wave of demonstrations over land and political rights in Ethiopia. University of California, Davis officials say that Sharon Gray, a postdoctoral researcher in its plant biology department, died when  vehicle she was riding in was struck by rocks thrown by protesters. there for meeting about her research when she was killed Tuesday in the outskirts of the capital,

November 8, 2015 Popular song in Ramallah:”I’m coming towards you, my enemy with knives, We’re going down from every house with cleavers and knives” Songs promoting terror and violence become Palestinian hits For months, Fatah-run TV playing song famous for motivating Palestinians to attack Israelis: "The revolution of a people holding rocks... Allah is with us. He is stronger and greater than the Children of Zion" h/t geller

November 8, 2015 beyond 3 attacks there were numerous rock-throwing and firebombing attacks on Jewish motorists in Judea and Samaria.