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Feras M. Freitekh Dies In Suspected Intentional Plane Crash Next to Connecticut PW Aircraft Engine Factory

Feras M. Freitekh Dies In Connecticut Plane Crash Near Aircraft Engine Factory --- ===

1 killed 1 injured, terrorist investigation October 11, 2016  Feras M. Freitekh Dies In Connecticut Plane Crash Near Aircraft Engine Factory  Student pilot Feras M. Freitekh, from the Arab nation of Jordan (his name is arabic) is killed after small twin engine plane took off from a flight school and crashed in East Hartford. The FBI is asked to investigate if it was a deliberate crash after the surviving pilot instructor who hospitalized with serious burns Adrian Prevalla told authorities the crash was not an accident as there was a fight for control after an argument that the student wanted to stop flying and they fought for control at low altitutde.  The plane wen t down suspiciously near the Pratt and Whitney factory, a  “critical infrastructure" which would make a good terrorist target as a global manufacturer of jet engines military and other aircraft.  He came in 2012 on a temporary M-1 visa for flight school, He lived with 3  other foreign nationals who were also taking flight lessons. The  apartment was searched and  housemates were  interviewed and released  but no ties to known terror  groups were found. So far authorities believe he was distraight over  his  performance at the school and  was only  trying  to kill himself and the instructor, nothing indicates a terrorist attack. Freitekh is by some sources an Arab Muslim homosexual, who was killed on impact is a 28-year-old Jordanian national from a Palestinian background

truck a utility pole and wires, causing it to become engulfed in flames and knocking out power to approximately 500 people, though power was restored by Tuesday evening.


*Similar small airplane incidents

2002 Pirelli Tower plane crash possible suicide
2010 Austin intentional plane crash deliberately crashed into office complex in Austin, Texas, killing himself and a Internal Revenue Service manager.
2002 Tampa airplane crash Young pilot crashes unauthorized plane into Bank of America Tower in downtown Tampa and leaves a suicide note saying he was inspired by Sept 11 attacks and Bin Laden

Small Airplane Crash or Threat ---

1 suspect killed terrorism and suicide suspected, ruled out August 12, 2016  Canadian not-Terrorist Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary Steals and Crashes Plane Into Mall

2014 Wichita King Air crash - Wikipedia caused alleged improper engine repair October 30, 2014, a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air B200 N52SZ carrying one crew member crashed into the FlightSafety International building at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas, killing three people in the building and injuring five others.

July 4, 2010 Colton Harris Moore - Wikipedia American who acts like a terrorist American criminal and former fugitive from Camano Island, Washington. He was charged with the thefts or destruction of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and property, including several small aircraft, a boat, and two cars; and the burglaries of at ... He fled to the Bahamas on July 4, 2010, allegedly in a plane stolen (He could have used it as a weapon)

Terrorist: 18 February 2010 Pilot General aviation 2010 Austin suicide attack  Andrew Joseph Stack III deliberately crashed his single-engine Piper Dakota light aircraftinto Building I of the Echelon office complex in Austin, Texas, United States.  February 18, 2010, when Andrew Joseph Stack III deliberately crashed his single-engine Piper Dakota light aircraft into Building I of the Echelon office complex in Austin, Texas, United States,[5] killing himself and Internal Revenue Service manager Vernon Hunter.

April 20, 2009 Adam Leon stolen Canadian plane escorted by F-16s apparent suicide attempt and previous terrorist dry runs  by creeping the man who stole a single-prop Cessna from a Canadian flight school on Monday, was distressed and the entire incident was simply a failed suicide attempt. However, many of the facts point to something much more sinister.  Canadian man named Adam Leon, his real name is Yavuz Berke. He is in fact, a Muslim immigrant from Turkey.

18 April 2002 Pilot General aviation 2002 Pirelli Tower airplane crash 3 killed (pilot, 2 inside the building) The aircraft crashed in the tower in Milan. Suicide is a possibility.

2002 Tampa airplane crash - Wikipedia January 5, 2002 just a few months after 9/11 attacks, air traffic controllers alerted the United States Coast Guard and the MacDill Air Force Base. Despite repeated warnings, Charlie J. Bishop, an Arab high-school student of East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States, stole a Cessna 172, took off without authorization, ignored warnings from a Coast Guard helicopter sent to intercept and crashed it into the side of the Bank of America Tower in downtown Tampa, Florida. Bishop had been inspired by the September 11 attacks.

12 September 1994 Pilot Frank Eugene Corder crashes stolen small aircraft  intentionally by  on the White House south lawn, apparent political protest.  [20]


  • Deliberate crash
  • FBI investigation
  • Infrastructure target suspected
  • Mideast Suspect 
  • LGBT suspect
  • Palestinian suspect
  • Suicide cover story


Oct 13, 2016  US investigators see suicide behind Connecticut plane crash - Reuters Reuters U.S. investigators believe a Jordanian student pilot was trying to kill himself when he crashed a small plane in Connecticut this week but do not ... but do not believe he was affiliated with militant groups, two federal officials familiar with the probe said on Thursday. There is no evidence Freitekh shouted religious statements before the crash and nothing else pointing to terrorism,

Survivor of Connecticut Plane Crash Tells of Argument in Cockpit ...
The New York Times Oct 13 The site of a fatal plane crash in East Hartford, Conn., on Wednesday. The small plane crashed Tuesday, killing one person aboard.

Oct 13, 2016 Sources: Student Pilot Was Distraught, Fought With Instructor; Road Reopened
Hartford Courant: ...  source said the student pilot started flying the plane erratically and the instructor fought to gain control before the crash. The source said the student was distraught and feeling stressed over his poor performance at the flight academy. A federal official told The Courant that the crash appears to have been a case of suicide, and that nothing had been found by Wednesday evening to suggest terrorism

Oct 12, 2016 Motives for 'intentional' Connecticut plane crash investigated by FBI . RT Investigators concluded that a small passenger plane that crashed in Connecticut on Tuesday was "an intentional act." Police and FBI are ... Investigators concluded that a small passenger plane that crashed in Connecticut on Tuesday was "an intentional act." Police and FBI are looking into the possible motives of the 28-year-old pilot.

Oct 12, 2105 BREAKING: Palestinian Muslim Takes A Plane And Crashes It Attempting To Destroy U.S. Major Military Defense Contractor In Connecticut Walid Shoebat “Terrorism is a criminal act,” East Hartford Police spokesman Lieutenant ... And don't be fooled, the pilot, Feras M. Freitekh also has another ...The National Transportation Safety Board’s initial investigation of a Tuesday’s aircraft crash in East Hartford, Connecticut should be a serious concern as it was a possible attempt to destroy one major US military defense contractor. As it seems, Muslims are possibly attempting to carry out an attack by using airplanes again.

The investigation by The National Transportation Safety Board also indicates the crash is the result of an intentional act, which means the likelihood this involves an act of terrorism. FBI and police have also raided the pilot’s apartment and are questioning three of the associates of Feras M. Freitekh, the pilot. The Jordanian students were also studying to become pilots. What is strange about this story is the ring of Muslim student pilots and the testimony of the co-pilot stating that the suicide pilot did “an altercation in the cockpit during their training flight, and the instructor was unable to regain control of the plane from the [Muslim] student pilot.”

Freitekh, a Muslim homosexual, who was killed on impact is a 28-year-old Jordanian national from a Palestinian background who was studying to become a pilot died after crashing a small plane Tuesday afternoon in Connecticut, and the instructor pilot who survived the crash said it was intentional. Family and friends of Freitekh are already writing about him on Facebook with oodles of praises from “good man” “hero” to “Allah be with him” in Arabic. Click and check it out for yourself. Rafeek Zabian comments “Our old friend, Feras Freitekh, is with Allah, after he fulfilled his dream to fly, he died as a pilot, yes, and he accomplished his dream, may Allah be with you”.

BREAKING: Meet The Jordanian Muslim Terrorist Who Crashed A ...
 BREAKING: Meet The Jordanian Muslim Terrorist Who Crashed A Plane In ... although he has been identified publicly as “Feras M. Freitekh.”.

FBI to probe fatal Connecticut plane crash near ...
Fatal East Hartford plane crash near Pratt & Whitney HQ under ... has asked the FBI to assist in the investigation of a fatal plane crash because it ...

The Latest: NTSB turns over probe of plane crash to FBI |
... NTSB turns over probe of plane crash to FBI ... It crashed near the headquarters of Pratt &Whitney, ... CNN: Money News . Mobile Apps ...

Connecticut plane crash: FBI investigating whether crash near ...
Connecticut plane crash: FBI investigating whether crash near major aviation plant was intentional. ... Pratt & Whitney’s headquarters are located in East Hartford, ...

Police, FBI Help on Plane Crash Near ... -...
The East Hartford police chief asked the FBI to investigate a plane crash ... aircraft. In addition,Pratt & Whitney ... Federal Bureau of Investigation ...

Source: Investigators believe East Hartford plane crash was suicide, not terrorism.. Oct 11, 2016 · East Hartford's mayor said the survivor of a small plane crash near Pratt andWhitney told authorities that it was ... fbi, ntsb, Plane Crash, Pratt & Whitney.
initial investigation showed the small plane crash that killed a Jordanian national and injured another man in Connecticut was "an intentional act," The National Transportation Safety Board announced in a statement Wednesday, adding that the FBI would the lead in the investigation with the NTSB assisting.  The Hartford Courant reported a student pilot and his instructor were arguing before the crash, with the student saying he no longer wanted to fly the plane. An initial search of the apartment where the student was staying found no signs of terrorism, the newspaper added. "this could be terror related"

 After 9/11 why would the grant a pilots license to anyone from the Middle East profiling or not if it protects America so be it and if Muslims don't like it go back to where you came from I am

sick of people being killed and injured for the sake of The P/C B/S. 

Donald will tell us whether this is terrorism or not.  

Planes fall from the sky, Arabs at the controls.... CNN is sleeping 

With all the Wikileaks revelations this is the headline story? What is wrong with our media?

Another terrorist attack on U.S soil. Thank you Barry and Hilary your doing a great job trying to cull the fold!


NOt a word of this on CNN

Caliphate News Network

 CNN determined that the passenger was from Middle Eastern decent and thus could in no way shape or form be a terrorist.

Connecticut: Jordanian Muslim student 'intentionally' crashes plane ...
OCTOBER 12, 2016 12:51 PM BY BLAIN TAMARIN Jihad Watch  ordanian Muslim Feras M. Freitekh came to the United States on a temporary visa in 2012 to attend flight school. On Tuesday, October 12, he crashed a small aircraft into a utility pole in East Hartford, Connecticut, near Pratt & Whitney, a major defense contractor. While this story is still developing, new facts are coming out: the badly injured surviving passenger, who is a flight instructor, told the press that this crash was not an accident. Feras M. Freitekh himself died in the crash.  Though this might or might not be another case of mental illness or “Islamophobia,” it is important to note that the FBI is now involved in the case. They have since raided an apartment in Hartford where Freitekh lived, along with three other foreign nationals who are also studying to become pilots. It also remains unclear as to why Freitekh chose to come to the United States in the first place, as Jordan has one of the best air forces in the Middle East.

FLIGHT SCHOOL JIHAD? A Jordanian Muslim student pilot is reported ...
www.baren 1pm   . Feras M. Freitekh (right), a Jordanian Muslim student pilot, who came to the U.S. to attend flight school, intentionally crashed a light aircraft, ...

Terrorist Attack In Connecticut: Muslim Student Crashes Plane In ...
1 hour ago - The pilot, Feras M. Freitekh, came to the U.S. on a temporary ... Surviving pilot in NJ plane crash says Jordanian student pilot meant for it to ...
 Daily Caller reports: pilot, Feras M. Freitekh, came to the U.S. on a temporary student visa in 2012 for flight school. The legality of his immigration status is unclear.... Freitekh’s potential motivations are unclear at this time.   

Jordanian student pilot crashes his plane into Connecticut high street ...
Free Republic1 hour ago - Student pilot Feras M. Freitekh, 28, a Jordanian national, was killed .... 11 years after 9/11 we were still letting young male Islamic Arab citizens ... FBI investigating, wow, that's a relief.quite scary. It does seem like a terror attack attempt. ... and we may never know his motives. will now hear that the FBI had been ‘tracking’ him and they have things under control. Meanwhile in a few days we will find out that anyone connected with him has already fled the country overseas and the FBI “doesn’t know where they could possibly be.”  Your FBI at work and now trying to find a way to get the courts to let them abuse our freedoms some more so they could “find out information vital to our survival” that they were supposedly ‘tracking’ beforehand.  These people are a frigging joke.  So 15 years after 9/11, we are still allowing student pilots from the Middle East to go to flight schools in the US? We are too stupid to survive. The ONLY news in the USA is from other countries. The “journalists” in the MSM are paid whores, paid  by the line , paid to say, whatever they are told. Islamic pilot taking flight lessons here. You don’t say.... Why has the eneMedia not reported this, it happened YESTERDAY. That was a rhetorical question, BTW. How does that work? The student just overpowers the instructor?  I’d not take on any Muslim students at this point if I were a flight instructor. Glad he survived. nother muslim pilot from Jordan - 2012 in flight school - trying to kill us.  We are so stupid.  The Democrats have the media, the corrupt government, a rigged election system, (we saw this with Bernie Sanders), and unless we get divine intervention, it will be Hillary Clinton - and corruption forever. The battle has been going on and not many know it. | Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment, TV, Tech, Gaming ...

Feras M. Freitekh, Feras M. Freitekh east hartford, east hartford plane crash ... investigating if theJordanian national student pilot intentionally crashed the plane. ... In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS snipers ...


Feras M. Freitekh: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
high-ranking law enforcement source told the Hartford Courant there was an argument between the student pilot and the instructor prior to the crash. The source said the student pilot said he didn’t want to fly the plane any longer, but it was not clear why, according to the Courant.  The plane crashed just before 4 p.m. There were no serious injuries to anyone on the ground.  The surviving flight instructor, identified by the Courant as Arian Prevalla, was able to get out of the plane after the crash and is expected to survive.  The FBI & Local Police Raided an Apartment in Hartford Where He Lived With 3 Other Foreign Nationals Also Studying to Become Pilots
View image on Twitterfour men lived together in the apartment targeted by police.

Sources told the Hartford Courant the three other men who lived there were also foreign nationals studying to become pilots.

 Dave Altimari @davealtimari
Authorities searched Annawan Street ap't where Feras Freitekh lived late last night, found no evidence tying him to known terrorist groups
10:30 AM - 12 Oct 2016
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 Dave Altimari @davealtimari
A source said 3 other foreign nationalists, also getting pilot's licenses, lived with Feras Freitekh and all 3 were interviewed and released
10:32 AM - 12 Oct 2016
  1 1 Retweet   1 1 likeolice said they have not ruled anything out as far as a possible motive for the crash. They said they could not comment about whether terrorism is being investigated.

“Terrorism is a criminal act,” East Hartford Police spokesman Lieutenant Joshua Litwin said at a press conference. “There is a lot of criminal investigators on scene. Nothing has been ruled out.”

According to police, investigators have also not ruled out that the crash could have been accident, despite the claims from the surviving pilot that it was intentional.

 Weasel Zippers  FBI Investigating Whether Plane Crash In Connecticut With Jordanian National Was Intentional
Fox News ids the passenger as a Jordanian national.
The Jordanian student pilot who crashed his plane into a Connecticut street 'ON PURPOSE' - killing himself and injuring three...  The Piper PA 34 was being piloted by a student pilot and instructor when it crashed on Main Street in East Hartford, Connecticut, at around...Pictured: The Jordanian student pilot who crashed his plane into a Connecticut street 'ON PURPOSE' - killing himself and injuring three people but leaving his instructor miraculously alive  ...  Student pilot Feras M. Freitekh, 28, a Arab Jordanian national, was killed   His instructor pilot was hospitalized with serious burns and injuries Two people in a minivan near the crash site were also hospitalized  Pilot, now conscious in hospital, told police Freitekh crashed intentionally The student pilot came to U.S. in 2012 from Jordan to go to flight school Several friends and relatives of Freitekh posted on Facebook that they 'forgave' him after the crash  FBI and state counter-terrorism unit are now investigating the claims  Crash occurred suspiciously close to defense contractor Pratt & Whitney's Connecticut headquarters, described as 'critical infrastructure' 12 October 2016  Saifeddin M. AlHussein added: 'May God have mercy on him and forgive him.'  The state's counter-terrorism unit have joined the FBI, State Police Central District Crime Squad and Fire and Explosion Investigations Unit in the multi agency investigation.  comments: Does the survivor remember any comments about the Oahu Sandbars? These prehistoric b.astards don't want to learn how to FLY - they want to learn how to C.R.A.S.H. into anything American. eople just like him could be taking flying lessons all over. This should be seriously looked into. This to me sounds like an act of terr0r ism. They could fly these planes into all kinds of important buildings. Unbelievable. Just watch Obama sweep this one under the rug. When does it stop?? Seems like we haven't learned a damned thing since 9/11! Why do we still let those middle easterners attend flight school? The stupidity of our "leaders" is astounding. instructor may need a lawyer. The Obama Justice Dept. will probably charge him with saying mean things to the student, causing him to do what he did. Happened a mile from my home. This guy was 100% trying to crash into Pratt and Whitney where they manufacture jet engines. If he hit his target there would of been mass casualties. If it can happen here it can happen anywhere hen a young man I know on final approach the height of the plane would be very low to the ground when approaching the runway and so very little time for the instructor to use his dual controls to prevent it from crashing once the young man turned the plane towards the ground... such a foolish thing to do but not surprised in this day and age Trump for president ood news for terrorïsts: Comey`s FBI took over investigations. Fast forward: the suïcide note, the suïcide home video with the ISIS flag on the background and the suïcide vest at the suspect`s apartment demonstrated ``extremely carelessness`` but did not warrant a conclusion that he belonged to a terrorïst organization. There will be a ton more of these events if Hillary is in office Why was he taking flying lessons? Sounds like those guys from 9/11/2001---didn't they also take flying lessons in preparation for their diabolical plan back then? And are there still more of these guys currently taken flying lessons? U.S. liberal media reporting on this with no mention the pilot being Jordanian AND NO MENTION THE INSTRUCTOR SAYS IT WAS INTENTIONAL. You'll be getting thousands more like him when Hillary gets in Jordanian roots, like Huma Abedin, Co-Chair of the Hillary campaign, Agent for the Muslïm Brotherhood, which was founded by Hassan Al-Banna, father-in-law to Khizr M. Khan, Hillary`s model citizen whose firm sells U.S. visas to Wähhabi clerks out of New York City and whose writings argue for the subordination of the U.S. Constitution to Mus|im Sharïah law on American soil. Never mind the no fly list, we need them on the no flight school list s there no vetting whatsoever ? Clearly he was a potential threat. Of course there is vetting. The TSA check out all non US citizens applying for flight training but that doesn't guarantee you can stop all potential threats. Edward Snowden was vetted and employed by the CIA! His family says they "forgive him"... for not killing any "in.fid.els". Yes we all need to begin to profile people from the Middle East - I thought flight trainers were, already. Evidently not. Yes they are vetted. Any non-US citizen is vetted. Edward Snowden was also vetted and employed by the CIA. Vetting is never going to guarantee someone doesn't slip through or change their loyalties after vetting.

FBI looking into whether or not East Hartford plane crash was ...
Free Republic
42 mins ago - FBI looking into whether or not East Hartford plane crash was "intentional"(Connecticut) .... 18 posted on Wed Oct 12 2016 05:11:34 GMT-0700 (PDT) by MortMan (Moderate muslims, please identify the ... Feras M. Freitekh, 28

FBI looking into whether or not East Hartford plane crash was "intentional"(Connecticut) ^ | October 12, 2016 | Michael Agoliati,Evan White,Rob Polansky 

Posted on 10/12/2016, 6:16:33 AM by Biggirl

EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -Police and federal investigators continue to look into what led to a tragic plane crash on Tuesday afternoon. CBS News confirmed that the FBI is looking into whether or not the crash was "intentional."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:16:33 AM by Biggirl

To: Biggirl

Is it because it was close to Pratt & Whitney?

2 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:23:43 AM by blueunicorn6 ("A crack shot and a good dancer")

To: Biggirl

Did the pilot load up with jet fuel and drive into a high-rise office building?

3 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:26:30 AM by Jack Hammer

To: Biggirl
That happened right by work. The Brainard Airport, where they were going, is across the street from me.
4 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:28:58 AM by castlegreyskull

To: Biggirl
Interesting the pilots’ names aren’t mentioned in the article.
5 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:30:30 AM by ViLaLuz (2 Chronicles 7:14)

To: Biggirl
The FBI will conclude whatever benefits Obama and Clinton the most.-PJ 
6 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:31:33 AM by Political Junkie Too (If you are the Posterity of We the People, then you are a Natural Born Citizen.)

To: ViLaLuz
There was a guy from Jordan who was in that plane, the one that was killed.
7 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:33:57 AM by Biggirl ("One Lord, one faith, one baptism" - Ephesians 4:5)

To: ViLaLuz
...or whether the pilot was Amish...or whether there was a high state health department official on board.
8 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:34:51 AM by rx (Truth Will Out!)

To: castlegreyskull
I live in East Hartford myself and seen my computer acting funny for a few minutes then it was normal again. This crash did effect the electric power.
9 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:36:51 AM by Biggirl ("One Lord, one faith, one baptism" - Ephesians 4:5)

To: Biggirl
The only thing it affected at my place, was a bunch of the guys were watching the fire on our 9th floor. I was worried that Route 2 would be closed adding another 35 minutes to my commute.
10 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:41:19 AM by castlegreyskull

To: Biggirl
If this was a terror attack, they didn’t do a very good job.
11 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:43:51 AM by castlegreyskull

To: Biggirl
Uh, hasn’t it been shown that the FBI lacks credibility on the subject of determining intent?
12 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:43:52 AM by DJ Frisat (Hey, what happened to my clever tag line?!)

To: Political Junkie Too
"The FBI will conclude whatever benefits Obama and Clinton the most."Yes, and it is a verdict on the Administration that the first thought is what the message the FBI wants to send vs. finding out what really happened. I had the same thought as you, a politicized FBI is not interested in just finding out the truth anymore. 
13 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:46:59 AM by Truth29

To: Biggirl
My dad said from the picture it looks like it crashed in front of PrattWhitney near the credit union.It looks like an accident. Brainard Airport is across the river... 
14 posted on 10/12/2016, 6:54:58 AM by ConservaTeen (Islam is Not the Religion of Peace, but The RELIGION of Pedophilia...)

To: Biggirl
The Pratt Campus has changed, it has been eons since I have been back with their airport gone and now with the stadium in it’s place. However the aerial photo looks like they were near the Willow St entrance which if you go down that road take you the Renscheler ( spelled correct ? ) R & D facility for UTC which is where the brainiacs ( or they used too, if it hasn’t been moved ) used to invent things, and some in the arena of don’t ask what I do for a living stuff.
15 posted on 10/12/2016, 7:07:14 AM by taildragger (Not my Monkey, not my Circus...)

To: ConservaTeen
I do hope it is just an accident and nothing more. Because in this day and age just reading the word “intentional” would get one nervous.
16 posted on 10/12/2016, 7:07:19 AM by Biggirl ("One Lord, one faith, one baptism" - Ephesians 4:5)

To: ConservaTeen
I work up the road in Springfield. I am trying to figure out where this was. Is it over by Cabellas? Isn’t there an old airfield by the Pratt complex?
17 posted on 10/12/2016, 7:09:27 AM by Vermont Lt (Brace. Brace. Brace. Heads down. Do not look up.)

To: Biggirl
It’s ironic that the FBI thinks it can find “intent”.
After all, they publicly disavowed any interest in finding it just a month or two ago.
18 posted on 10/12/2016, 7:11:34 AM by MortMan (Moderate muslims, please identify the specific prohibitions against violent jihad in the koran.)

To: MortMan
Yep, the irony of it all.
19 posted on 10/12/2016, 7:13:32 AM by Biggirl ("One Lord, one faith, one baptism" - Ephesians 4:5)

To: Biggirl
The FBI is a joke these days, of course. But, this looks like an accident.
PA-34’s are Senecas. They are one of the workhorses of the training fleet. They are twin-engined and what most of us would say are moderately underpowered. A crash with a student pilot on landing approach is a common scenario. Even light loads of av-gas burns like a fireball.
Typical onlooker comments: “fell from the sky,” “explosion,” sounded like a bomb went off, etc. I hope that this was a run of the mill accident. I know it will not be “run of the mill” to those involved and who lost a loved one.
That even one person survived the accident tells me that the plane was probably being flown till the last moments and trying to make the best of whatever caused the problem. They ran out of ideas and altitude at the same time.
20 posted on 10/12/2016, 7:15:05 AM by oldplayer

To: Biggirl
21 posted on 10/12/2016, 7:20:13 AM by Blue Turtle

To: Biggirl
I just read the story. Apparently, the person who survived said that is was not an accident.

One Dead, Pilot Hurt In Plane Crash; FBI Investigating Whether It Was Intentional
Hartford Courant‎ - 26 mins agoThe Times identified the passenger on the plane as Feras M. Freitekh, age 28. Public record ...
FBI: Connecticut Plane Crash May Have Been Intentional
The Daily Beast‎ - 2 hours agoMore news for Feras M. Freitekh crash

FBI investigating if deadly plane crash in Connecticut was intentional ...
CBS News2 hours ago - A plane crashed on Main St. in East Hartford on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016. ... The pilot,Feras M. Freitekh, is a Jordanian national who first entered ...

Feras M. Freitekh, 28, killed; pilot seriously burned after small plane ...
16 hours ago - Feras M. Freitekh, 28, killed; pilot seriously burned after small plane crashes in ... Small plane crashes while trying to land at Connecticut airport.

Authorities Investigating Whether Plane Crash Was Intentional « CBS ...
WTIC17 hours ago - According to police, the crash occurred in the 400 block of Main Street near ... The pilot,Feras M. Freitekh, was a Jordanian national who first ...

Pilot in fatal Conn. plane crash says it was not an accident - The ...
The Boston GlobeOfficials identified the passenger as Feras M. Freitekh, 28.
The FBI is investigating whether the crash of a small plane in East Hartford, Connecticut, that killed a passenger on Tuesday was intentional, according to four federal law enforcement officials.
The pilot, who survived the crash, told investigators that it was not an accident. ... lived in Orland Hills, Illinois, about 35 miles southwest of Chicago. .. Piper PA 34 crashed around 3:40 p.m. on Main Street as it was on a final approach to Hartford-Brainard Airport in Hartford....look off from a flight school at the airport.. police sought the help of the FBI because the plane went down near a Pratt & Whitney factory on Main Street, which he described as being “critical infrastructure.”
The company, which has its headquarters in East Hartford, is a global manufacturer of jet engines for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft.

FBI: Connecticut Plane Crash May Have Been Intentional - The Daily ...
The Daily Beast2 hours ago - Pilot reportedly told investigators it was no accident. ... on Main Street near the airport, killing Feras M. Freitekh, 28, who lived near Chicago.