Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Germany Terrorists

Germany Terrorists --- ===

fourth recent violent incident perpetrated by an immigrant of Middle Eastern origin:

July 25, 2016  Residents in Wake of Shooting, Machete, Suicide-Bombing Attacks by Mideast Refugees   after Sunday night’s suicide bombing outside of a music festival in Ansbach in Bavaria — the  — Germans are starting to fear for their safety on a daily basis. “The increase in lone-wolf terrorism and violence is altering the atmosphere in Berlin,” Israeli poet and activist Mati Shmuelof told Channel 2. “More police are seen in public places, and suddenly bags are being checked at the entrance to certain venues. The greatest fear is that the extreme Right will take advantage of the situation, which it blames on Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

The Independent -Police are investigating after a patient shot and killed a doctor before turning the gun on himself at a hospital in Berlin, Germany. ... shooting follows four other attacks in Germany since 18 July that have left 10 people dead and dozens injured. No connection to terrorism

July 24, 2016 On Sunday, a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up and injured 15 other people outside a crowded music festival.

July 22, 2016 On Friday, an 18 year-old German-Iranian "obsessed with mass shootings" killed nine people and injured 26 in a shooting spree at a shopping centre in Munich. No connection to terrorism even though looks like Islamist terrorist.

July 22, 2015 Earlier that day, a Syrian refugee killed a pregnant woman and injured two others in a machete attack near Stuttgart blamed on workplace violence with no connection to terrorism even though looks like muslim
July 18, 2016 A 17-year-old Afghan injured four people in an axe attack on a train in Wuerzburg on 18 July.