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Dortmund Germany Incidents

Dortmund Germany Incidents ---

Why so much neo-Nazi activity in Dortmund Germany?

The city in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is considered a neo-Nazi stronghold. Since 2000, there have been five murders committed by known neo-Nazis in Dortmund, and a litany of other violent attacks against foreigners. Police have launched an investigation after a group of right-wing extremists chanting xenophobic slogans marched outside a home for asylum seekers in Dortmund. Dortmund is home to the right-wing "Nationaler Widerstand" (National Resistance), banned in 2012 by NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, who called it xenophobic, racist and a threat to peaceful coexistence. The openly xenophobic party "Die Rechte," or The Right, has since emerged there

the decline here of coal, steel and beer – old Dortmund’s three certainties and employers – has left the city a prime target for neo-Nazis.  (irish times)

New York Times  Dortmund is another Germany: a run-down former coal and steel hub in the industrial Ruhr heartland, with a scruffy north side, few jobs, higher than average crime in some districts, and a large center for registering asylum seekers, and where almost one in three inhabitants are of foreign descent.

  1. Dortmund Germany - Wikipedia independent city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. No mention of neo-Nazi incidents
  2. Right-Wing Extremism in Contemporary Germany - Palgrave ... found the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

Two Neo-Nazis Beating and Knife Attacks on Non-Germans on Dortmund weekend  October 24-25, 2015  Neo-Nazis arrested after two baseball bat attacks on non-Germans The Local (27 Oct 15) Germans Fighting Back: “Neo-Nazis” Arrested for Baseball ..far-right radicalization after a spate of racist attacks across the west first: Saturday by people armed with a telescopic baton and a knife was carried out by a 19-year-old, a 20-year-old and a 23-year-old.. second attack Sunday after a group of six attackers approached four young men aged 20-22 asking about their nationality...special far-right extremism police unit has taken over the investigation.  arrested after baseball bat attacks Once they had confirmed that their victims weren't German, they attacked them with bottles, wooden slats and a baseball bat, the Westdeutsche

Oct 25 Dortmund faces challenges of refugees and rising far-right  The Irish Times  City is prime target for neo-Nazis and many fear trouble is brewing. ... the far-right and neo-Nazis, they usually mean eastern Germany. ... Dorstfeld district, aneo-Nazi stronghold in Dortmund, the mail-order website  the most attacks on asylum seekers and hostels are in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), home to one in five Germans. Adjusted for population, eastern German states occupied the first three spots for extremist attacks in 2014, but NRW comes in fourth place. The focus of NRW’s extremist problem is Dortmund. Once dubbed the “heart of Social Democracy” by Willy Brandt, the decline here of coal, steel and beer – old Dortmund’s three certainties and employers – has left the city a prime target for neo-Nazis. Determined to shake off its “Nazi capital” label, Dortmund established in 2007 an “office for diversity, tolerance and democracy”

Last March two extremist parties won about 2.5 per cent of the vote and two seats in the municipal council: the neo-Nazi NPD and a newer arrival, “Die Rechte” (The Right).

Hate Criminals Are Patriotic Germans Fighting Back Against Invaders: “Neo-Nazis” Arrested for Baseball ...
Germans Fighting Back: “Neo-Nazis” Arrested for Baseball Bat and Knife Attacks inDortmund. Posted on October 27, 2015 by Paladin Justice. THE GERMAN ...

May 2, 2015 RIGHT-WING EXTREMISM DW 'We're not dead,' say journalists after neo-Nazi death threats Six anonymous death threats were made this week against reporters who cover Dortmund's neo-Nazi scene. They weren't just any kind of death threats, however, and they reflect a growing hostility towards the German press.

March 2015 Oct 25 Dortmund faces challenges of refugees and rising far-right  The Irish Times Last March two extremist parties won about 2.5 per cent of the vote and two seats in the municipal council: the neo-Nazi NPD and a newer arrival, “Die Rechte” (The Right).

'Neo-Nazis' attack journalist after demo - The Local
The LocalMar 11, 2015 - A journalist who has previously received death threats from the far right was attacked in Dortmund on Monday evening after covering a ...

Dortmund: Neo-Nazis allegedly attacked journalists ...
Mar 10, 2015 - Stone throwing in downtown Dortmund: Right-wing extremists allegedlyattacked and injured a freelance journalist. The Special Commission ...

all of Weiermann’s and Huesmann’s articles appear to be related to Muslims, Muslim on “hooligan” riots in Germany, Turkish executions of Kurds, police trying to end “neo-Nazi” protests against Muslims and anti-Pegida articles.
Germany: Suspected Salafi death threats against journalists ...  Feb 10, 2015 - Germany: Suspected Salafi death threats against journalists is ... the far-right scene in Dortmund, a known neo-Nazi stronghold: “I was at a train ...Germany: Suspected Salafi death threats against journalists is blamed on “neo-Nazi’s”

Rest assure these nitwits are being threatened by Muslims although they blame “neo-Nazi’s”. Investigations are still pending. You got to be pretty thick if you think you’re being threatened by neo-Nazi’s who would then  put their own signatures on death threats! Socialist left-wing fools. They deny having threatened any journalists....

We took a look at the history of some of the articles written by freelance journalist Sebastian Weiermann and his colleague and photographer Felix Huesmann to see if any of their published work contained a mention of Muslims and could have ticked Muslims off, perhaps by criticism against Palestine, critical of Islam, or critical of Sunni’s, or a pro-Israel narrative – or could be a tool for opposing critics of Islam.

And sure enough all of Weiermann’s and Huesmann’s articles appear to be related to Muslims, Muslim on “hooligan” riots in Germany, Turkish executions of Kurds, police trying to end “neo-Nazi” protests against Muslims and anti-Pegida articles. The fact that he love an anti-Pegida narrative would quickly encourage Muslims to use him as a tool. Has other journalists who never write about Muslims, immigration, Pegida or the so called “far right” been threatened?  Hatred online. And than?
Production:2011 Threats, hatred and coarse insults, many times over the debate on the net and it is written so that we would never accept that someone said loudly. What happens to the debate about the hatred may be silent? What happens to democracy if people do not dare to express their opinions? Is it an expression of a growing freedom of speech, or a threat? A conversation between Lena Sundström, journalist, Tinne Ernsjöö Rappe, journalist Kajsa Klein, Internet researchers and Ola Larsmo, chairman of the Swedish PEN. Arranged by Shahrazad, Swedish PEN and Kulturhuset Stockholm.

... wedish TV-program investigated growing online hate stalking and threats against women in 2013. The threats were particularly brutal against female journalists, promising torture, rape and murders. The investigations which traced the ip and the address of the stalkers revealed that every single one of the trolls was a Muslim immigrant. Instead of focusing debates on this issue, the left-wing media is engaged in the concern of “Islamophobia”.
nternet hate. Mission review. Hennes & Mauritz on Facebook ignored näthoten.

Robert Rosenkvist 2 weeks ago
 Lady Dahmer had been looking body when she was younger. Now she is not only stupid and sexist, but also quite fat.

 What is the difference on to write "Men who näthatar women" and "Immigrants who rape women"

One is racist. The second is sexist ... and sexism against men will be away with.

DunderHumorFan 11 months ago
 1:35 seriously, do you think a murderer is about social media and says he'll kill somebody?

G Wizzy 1 year ago
 I have been threatened by strangers for the same things but you do not see me cry in any television program for it. How ridiculous.
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Maviel85 1 year ago
 So it seems pretty clear that people miss the whole point of the program. Julia is only a person exposed to this daily, stop hanging up on her. The program demonstrates a major problem, not just at Julia's event. She is just simply one of those who fell for a few thousand threats, and is not known, during the course of a short time. The point there was to show that you simply do not need to be famous or large public. You do not even have to say anything controversial. Many people just love to hate behind their anonymous small screens. It does not matter what any of us has or has not been threatened by, or in what way, then, the fact remains that there is an okay behavior.
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The2ndMrcustomz 1 year ago
 what the hell they cry over little hate on the Internet

Mikael Nilsson 10 months ago
 People become threatened online & bullied is defenetivt something needed to be done anything about ...

But as in this story say that this is just a female problem with men who violate women online is totally ridiculous !!!
This is a problem that everyone can be exposed to and perpetrators of violations from both sexes.
So the story loses a total of credibility when they angle it in this way with some sort feminazistiskt agenda.
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TheTedyB 1 year ago (edited)
 People need to stop imitating the US when it comes näthat. the worst thing is that some people think näthat is fun. I'm not laughing. just because you're behind a screen that does not mean that you are pretty matter!.
To all who spread your golden showers in näthat. grow up and become häderliga Swedish citizen. you do not get any of hatred either. learn to love yourself and others so you will get love back. please have therapy if needed. this is not a threat. I just want to näthatarna to grow up and have a good life. peace and love. and have a damn good day :)
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TimpsterTheDude 1 year ago
 Does not work. As long as anonymity is there control. Do not really agree with what you say, extremely few people actually do anything of what they write. The comments on his thoughts about her, not some well-developed murderous plans. Tough but true, withstand näthat is not difficult. People who grow up in kindergarten department of the Internet will not be able to take people back their freedom on the internet. Unable to stop, unfortunately.
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Maviel85 1 year ago
 + TimpsterTheDude problem is that in the end it does not matter. Näthat is a fucking plague, and even the so-called "trolling". It only happens if everyone thinks "it can not be changed," and "it's just a joke, or not so serious" is that we have more empathy-dead idiots in front of the screens that believes that everyone has the same sick idea of ​​what is fun or not. No behave as in meat-world living, and those who do often have visits from police / administrators / housing or other assorted staff in their lives. Or they sit simply in institutions or psykhem. Well yeah, it found, in fact, a certain group that does this out of everyday life also in the streets, but we will probably not take up here because it belongs to another, much more infectious, substance.
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Urban Larsson 1 year ago (edited)
 Women's Hatred? Personally, I have both been threatened and spat on the web every day, just because I play for example, League of Legends. Every time I ask the person who has threatened me if he wants to talk on Skype. 9/10 lie that they do not have Skype, or that they do not talk with "randoms on skype" which is only a pretext to not be accountable for what they say.

People have also ljuget on me to get me convicted on various sides such as Twtich where I been banned for 2 months after I posted ~ 10 times to their twitter (their right support channel) so locked my account up and I could continue as normal ... but I got an explanation.

That people behave as porcine online is nothing new and it is not against women but against individuals' e-thugsen "disturb on. But it is impossible for SVT / TV4 to talk about näthat against all.
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Ken U 3 months ago
 + Urban Larsson "You seem profoundly ignorant of the subject."
And you seem to be an idiot who does not listen to anyone else. Your interpretation and experience are superior to other people apparently. Here I thought we had a mature discussion. Act like an adult instead of asserting yourself and believe that you know better than everyone else.

But Oh dear, you asked a thousand people. Case closed! Urban has come to it. Are you seriously?

"It's not in here when those who work have different backgrounds and different motivations (they want different jobs) while pretty role has the same motif and are usually the same age with similar upbringing."
But it was an example in politics! This comes after almost everything that you might call problems / problem solving and coordination of resources to deal with it. You identify different parts of the same problem area - categorization. If you run a business, and will cut back on spending so you are looking at spending in individual areas to reach the goal: staff, logistics, purchasing, etc. You do not just sit there and say "let's look at spending in general and using the same methodology and evaluation to come up with solutions." Within the customer and insurer, you have customer and case segmentation. Hospital queuing same approach, etc. Do not understand what there is to protest against the fact. But still protesting you ...

"I've been writing this, read not what I write, or do you not understand?"
Haha. It is you who have trouble with reading comprehension. I'll address this more gggr in my post but you are so set that you knew more than all the others that you are not taking in anything. How can we have a discussion?

"I do not work with the media so feel free to tell me if there is one person who worked 48 min or ~ 20th"
Wow, where did you put me really in place! There is a program on TV (should you be so smart and mention that it is tax-financed?). Nowhere do I see that it has become a political effort by the (you know, what usually cost millions / billions and affect society). So you can be calm.

"What is it to be discussed? Penalty kit might."
What are you living in the country? People may talk about what they want, in what form they want. You do not seem to understand or accept it, Mr. dictator.

"Here then is some facts straight in the face. Have treated over 2000 people online ~ 20 numbers of them dared to talk to me on skype."
Oops, you get to know a little more detail about the way scientific methods you have used to ensure that it is scientifically ensured? You mention that you even has ferreted out that these have similar childhood; which Oprah moment you must have had Skype, huh?
And yet, you have not understood something of what I have written. You're obviously so light that you'll win an argument that you still can not understand that an idea does not necessarily exclude the other.

Here are some facts: I have not opposed that hatred is hatred. So you go in a circle without you realizing it.
More facts: morons should be able to explain their stupidity? Idiots who are cowards will be able to suddenly show courage and admit where the hatred comes from? Cowardly idiots should have the self-awareness of where the hatred comes from? You will not get anywhere and it will end up pulling petty conclusions to vainly try to understand their actions. Congratulations! Hardly think that anyone who is confronted for his idiocy will continue on the same track and additionally attempt to justify opinions that they know that society looks down on - views that they have. Human idiocy is guaranteed, self-awareness, it does not! You do not understand the contradiction in a behavior shows that you're not as good a judge of character as you think you are.
 You asked a thousand people and all you got out of it was "no one has been able to explain why more than" I was irrirterad "should have been a big hint. Then you once again can not distinguish the feelings, trigger, the design of hatred; and how and why each exists in the color and shape, it makes the show once again that you do not understand you in the discussion, you have chosen to attend.

I've talked with some 30's of people in real life where it is clear that the values ​​that are mainstream, they have not embraced; they oppose even it. You probably shut down the computer and go out and talk to real people and listen to what they have to say. And then to have a dialogue without worrying about who is the smartest in the room.

"Because they are very much dumber than I am, I have more experience and more knowledge on the subject"
You are not even trying to hide that you have extreme difficulty listening to someone other than your own voice. Here you hear something that is generally accepted: the one who pretends to be smarter than others is usually emotionally retarded; no experience in history or psychology can help against it, unfortunately.

"Why would you even know start listening to those other persons who only have opinions to be liked and did not want to clear out the problem?"
Why do you think that someone will listen to you? Who are you? And kudos to confirm the votes that have been exposed to the hate and reduce it to mere intermediaries. Again, your reading comprehension ... this is a portrayal that has been talked about before the UG section. And a subject have been discussed for centuries!

"A little higher up, I brought up how people react when I konfronteerar them on sykpe. Therefore, I can say," Oh, it's just magic, "or" Oh, that's just stupid brats who have received no education. "You choose."
And your experience surpasses course all others. Jippi! I can also say that the upbringing and values ​​belong together is not something that cropped up in your thoughts. Jippi?

"I would be able to eradicate Internet hate in Sweden for 24 hours if I was a dictator."
HAHA. That joke earlier in the text that you remind me of a dictator ...

"<- much="" not="" right="" span="" there.="" there="" was="">
Example just to drive a point. Of course, I know you is not to say that you are either ugly or handsome. It is also strange that you say that you think you look good, but it includes neither reasonably good physics or girls are attracted to you. So in other words not as attractive as you mattered? And educated tend to be a compliment if one presents itself as an educated person, which I thought you did to your last post. But even something as simple seems to be acceptable. You just like to argue. Kudos also to completely miss the main point that I am trying to do in that paragraph.

"Wrong again, it is impossible to attack me when I have been exposed to bullying in throughout my grammar school years, I have been subjected to mental torture for over 20 years"
Then I regret the erroneous conclusion, but the point remains. It was not you we discussed, I talked in general about being a man versus a woman.

I feel with you and it's a bitch you been the victim of what you have been exposed to. I really mean it. But you can hardly believe that you will achieve with the tone, attitude and rhetoric you used in your text. You also do not know if I have the same experience as you but come to different conclusions. But you might not be interested in a discussion and where am I an idiot who thought otherwise. For you may have the experience and perhaps even looted knowledge of this, but it might as well be a disadvantage for you when you encounter other people's experiences and feelings. There is always such a risk; whether you know what it is or not. There are of course several examples. Anyone who has been a difficult and tough life knows all about how tough life is, no one will come and say something about it - not even the one who knows how wonderful life can be, or anyone else who has had it tough in other ways and conditions. The more extreme experiences you have, the more certainly will be in their interpretations of the world. It is my personal experience of people I come across, I have no research to offer.

Incidentally, I have also worked in customer service for many years =) so I know ... SURPRISE!

"" which is assumed to be a clear majority of men "<- any="" anything="" have="" idea="" is="" itne="" nothing="" print="" span="" suggest="" there="" this="" to="" why="" you="">
Umm ... now I wrote this in the context of men and women that we saw in the program. But you knew it might yet question it? In this case, the victims in the story said it directly in the program that it is mostly men. And in subsequent chat that UG has always asserted the reporter behind the program that it was mostly men they encountered when they went out and confronted them.
More generally excludes of course I do not hate women, especially in specific topics (hardcore feminists). But if a woman gets threats of rape, beatings and cut open his chest and fry in butter, it is more likely that it is a man than a woman. It need not always be, but it is likely that it is. I might also add that I've talked to lots of girls that confirms the picture. Iofs the one who calls himself "John" and threatens to dismember one of the pieces may in fact be a woman, you can never be real sure until you stand face-to-face (even then nowadays). But I run on it is probably a man in such cases. Believe what you want about it.

"For there is no such tendencies ... please pick up sources of where you get this from?"
Umm ... pick up your sources as you have claimed throughout the text. It is my experience and observations, just as you have yours! Experiences I could have told you about if you were genuinely interested, but obviously you're not there. You are more interested in telling others what is reality than to explore their reality. You can console yourself that you are indeed compatible with the spirit that prevails today.

"Welcome to 2015 where the Solidarity replaced by" own responsibility ". We do not live in the 90's anymore buddy."
What do you think about that shift? Get curious.
And you realize that personal responsibility can also be included in the common values? They are not mutually exclusive. Again ...

Do you also want to hear something else fun that gets you safely to laugh? In the last post I wrote I finished exactly in these words "Thank you for the pleasant exchange. Rarely you may enjoy it longer online." But I took it away. Reason? I thought that it would be able to shape the direction of the conversation would go, and I did not want. I wanted to see where your thoughts would take you, and unfortunately it took you to the same place as everyone else: troll-town! Now, you will certainly want to even question this and ask me to look up the word "troll" and once again become my mind "understands this guy what connotation means of language?".
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Feb 7, 2015 - Since 2000, there have been five murders committed by known neo-Nazis in Dortmund, and a litany of other violent attacks against foreigners. Police have launched an investigation after a group of right-wing extremists chanting xenophobic slogans marched outside a home for asylum seekers in Dortmund. The city in Germany's west is a known neo-Nazi stronghold.

German Neo-Nazis Threatened My Life With a Fake Online ...
ViceFeb 5, 2015 - Unfortunately, since I live in Dortmund, there's enough of them around. This place has been West Germany's neo-Nazi stronghold since the ...

November 15, 2014  Germany: Neo-Nazis Demand List of Dortmund's Jews  Germany: Neo-Nazis Demand List of Dortmund's Jews. Following the demand by 'Die Rechte' party, the mayor asked authorities to ban it. By Arutz Sheva

A Neo-Nazi's Political Rise Exposes a German City's Ethnic ... The New York TimesJun 24, 2014 - [neo-Nazi] Siegfried Borchardt won a seat on Dortmund's City Council pushing an anti-immigration “Germany for Germans” agenda...  This month, to the horror of the political establishment and many residents, he took his seat on the 94-member City Council. The neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany, or N.P.D., won ...Dortmund is another Germany: a run-down former coal and steel hub in the industrial Ruhr heartland, with a scruffy north side, few jobs, higher than average crime in some districts, and a large center for registering asylum seekers, and where almost one in three inhabitants are of foreign descent. When Mr. Borchardt and about two dozen neo-Nazis tried to gain entry to a postelection party in May, it set off a brawl on the steps of City Hall. “Foreigners out!” one group screamed; “Nazis out!” the other yelled. Amid a mist of pepper spray, 10 people were wounded, including Christian Gebel, 38, a computer graphics designer and City Council member for the Pirate Party, who still bears the small scar above his right eyebrow where a flying beer bottle struck him. When Mr. Borchardt took his seat on the City Council last week, accompanied to City Hall by 15 of his friends, the police were taking no chances. ..

Some neo-Nazi parties have been banned in Germany, but others manage to survive by being careful not to cross the boundaries of the law. The neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany, or N.P.D., won one seat in the recent European parliamentary elections, and neo-Nazis are represented in the parliaments of two of Germany’s 16 states....“Where am I?” he demanded, as dozens of Roma children, teenagers and young mothers played and yelled yards away. “In Germany, or in Gypsy land?”

Nazis Attack City Hall in Dortmund, Germany › Europe
May 26, 2014 - Last night, over 30 nazis attacked City Hall in Dortmund after the ...neo-nazi party “Die Rechte” in the Scharnhorst district in Dortmund (the one ... - Neo-Nazis attack Town Hall in Germany
LiveLeakMay 27, 2014 - 20 Neo-Nazis attack a choice party of the democratic parties in theDortmund City Hall. With pepper spray and glass bottles, the right-wing ...

Borussia Dortmund deals with surge in neo-Nazi fan violence
USA TodayFeb 25, 2013 - Borussia Dortmund ocial workers in the stands were attacked by a group of neo-Nazi fans; Dortmund area is a focal point for neo-Nazis, a state ...

Dortmund Neo-Nazis Make Inroads with 'Ultra' Soccer Fans › ... › Germany › Right-Wing Extremism
Der Spiegel Nov 22, 2012 - Neo-Nazis Make Inroads with 'Ultra' Soccer Fans in Dortmund ... about the attack on the police beneath the south stands, and he's incredulous.

German city battles elusive new-look neo-Nazis | Reuters
ReutersOct 11, 2012 - Germany's neo-Nazis are hanging up their bomber jackets, unlacing their ... A display shows an anti-Nazi slogan at a museum in Dortmund in this ... Left unchecked, experts say, neo-Nazis could again stage deadly attacks.
World Socialist Web SiteNov 27, 2007 - On November 17, a group of around 30 neo-Nazis, armed with cobblestones and batons, attacked the Casablanca restaurant in Dortmund.