Sunday, November 2, 2014

Connection To Public Official Targeted

Connection To Public Official Targeted ---

Attacks and accidents that affect relatives or connection to public officials or first responders are in no way connected or show any similarities.


(Son of highway trooper) October 30, 2014 Son of Highway Trooper Beheaded, No Obvious Murder Motive Fox News The beheading victim is the son is a highway patrol trooper, but that does not appear to be a motive. Isaiah Marin, 21, was arrested after police say he called 911 to report that he killed someone. Police reportedly said they found Marin jogging with a long knife.

(Daughter of LA police captain:) February 3-12 2013: Christopher Jordan Dorner a former LAPD police officer was charged in connection with a series of shooting attacks on police officers and their families from February 3–12, 2013. The LAPD declared Dorner to be a "domestic terrorist".  Dorner had served in the navy reserves in Bahrain and Kuwait, but there is no evidence he could have been recruited as a terrorist while he was there. The Los Angeles Times: "A disgraced ex-LAPD officer swore revenge on those he blamed for his firing. He vowed to kill them all … and their families" February 3 2013 In the city of Irvine, in the evening hours, 28-year-old Monica Quan, and her fiance, 27-year-old Keith Lawrence, were found shot to death in a car parked outside their condominium complex. Quanwas the daughter of Randal Quan, a former Los Angeles Police Department captain[39] and lawyer who formerly represented Dorner during Dorner's dismissal hearing from the LAPD. 

(Wife of Sheriff) December 5, 2003  Nancy Dunning Sheriff Wife 2003 Killing  Real estate agent Nancy Dunning and the wife of now deceased Sheriff Jim Dunning was killed inside her Del Ray home. First of 3 similar killings for which Charles Severance is being investigated, with piano teacher Ruthanne Lodato and transportation official Ronald Kirby. Charles S. Severance was arrested in Wheeling, W.Va. and is being investigated as to whether he is connected to these high-profile murders in Alexandria.